Saturday, August 28, 2010

PHOTO - Rare glimpse at Seijun Suzuki protest rally (1968)

Seijun Suzuki paid a price for being a maverick filmmaker.  Fired for "incomprehensibility" after making Branded to Kill, he was unable to work in the film industry for ten years.   He eventually sued Nikkatsu Studio for illegal termination and won. 

During the long court battle, a film youth group named "The Cine Club" protested Suzuki's harsh treatment and took to the streets in protest.  Unfortunately, the damage to Suzuki's repetition was to severe and he was relegated to directing television movies until his triumphant return with Zigeunerweisen (1980).  

Below is a rare glimpse of Suzuki marching with "The Cine Club" during this troubling time in this career.

The Cine Club (シネクラブ研究会) protesting the illegal termination
of Seijun Suzuki's contract with Nikkatsu, 1968.

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