Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NEWS - Seijun Suzuki marries woman 48 years his junior

Filmmaker Seijun Suzuki has announced that he has married a woman 48 years younger than himself.

The 88-year-old movie director said he and the 40-year-old woman registered their marriage about seven years ago after initially becoming acquainted when the woman, who was a fan of his, asked for his autograph.
In an interview, Suzuki said: "This is a private matter so I do not want to reveal too much."  This public announcement marks the largest age difference between a celebrity couple.
An official source close to the couple said: "He lives a very dangerous man, to marry and take care of his wife is a good thing, bless all the people around them."  Over the last years Suzuki has been confined to a wheelchair, he was suffering from emphysema, and has also been seen using a portable oxygen pump, yet insiders reveal that the presence of his wife is a great encouragement.

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