Friday, August 19, 2011

EBAY - Rare and odd Suzuki directed Karate videos

It appears that hidden deep within the filmography of Seijun Suzuki is a long lost instructional karate video featuring the late great master Tetsuhiko Asai.  I'm guessing this odd rarity was produced in the mid to late 70's during Suzuki blacklisted period and till now hasn't appeared on any list of Suzuki's works.  These VHS videos are currently up for sale on eBay for the insane price of six hundered dollars!  I'd like to believe these videos are forgotten trippy masterpieces of nonlinear story telling featuring Tetsuhiko Asai as the reincarnated spirit of a sadomasochistic karate fighting hitman out for revenge with nothing but a his fists, his privites and a theme song that he must always whistle when entering a room.  But, they're probably just boring karate instructional videos.  A man can dream.

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